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Southern Computer, Inc. 

Serving Burke County and surrounding areas since 1997.

bulletCustom configured personal computers for business or home.
bulletOn-site assistance for all of your computing needs.


Listed below are a few of the services we offer.  Contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.

System Tune-up

Are your systems suddenly not stable? Do you experience system "lock-ups", sluggishness, and poor overall performance? Your remedy is a phone call away. Hardware does not go bad overnight, and there are other factors that can contribute to poor PC performance. Fragments of deleted programs that were left behind, temporary internet files, temporary installation files, the list goes on. Ruling out hardware failures, 98% of the time a poorly managed system can tie up it's resources, and cause you to climb the walls. Our most popular service!

System Upgrades
bulletAdd or replace hard drive.
bulletIncrease system memory.
bulletUpgrade video card/sound card/speakers.
bulletReplace CD-ROM or upgrade to a writable CDRW drive.
bulletUpgrade to a larger monitor.

Confused about what to do now that you have a computer?  We offer personal on-site training to help you get the most out of your system.  Email...  Web Browsing...  Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and more.  Learn how to install programs, how to avoid becoming a victim of a virus, basic internet safety.

Networking Assistance

Is a dedicated staff information technology specialist more than you need?  Look no further.  Southern Computer, Inc. will manage your small business or home network for you.  We usually offer same-day service for emergency service.





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